Chicha Central

Hong Kong’s best Peruvian restaurant features a sumptuous array of authentic Peruvian food, offering discerning diners the opportunity to sample and embrace one of the world’s most eclectic cuisines. It is an exciting mix of Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Italian and Andean tastes. Chicha’s extensive selection of dishes, prepared by Peruvian head chef and his team, reflect the best of what Peru has to offer.
Peruvians love their drinks just as much as their food. Chicha prides itself on serving traditional Peruvian beverages, including Pisco, Peru’s national brandy, which features heavily on the menu. The restaurant’s impressive wine selection is sourced entirely from South America. Those who prefer non-alcoholic beverages can enjoy a glass of chicha morada, a refreshing drink made from purple corn, or Inca Cola, the country’s national soft drink that is even more popular in Peru than Coca Cola.